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10th Dec 2017

Speidi’s baby looks SO like Spencer, we had to do a double take

Woah, can you see it?

It’s uncanny.

We were delighted to find out that Spencer and Heidi Pratt were having a baby.

Heidi made it no secret that she wanted children, and after nudging her husband Spencer into becoming a dad, they welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Gunner, earlier this year.

From the outset, the soon-to-be parents were excited, with Spencer even creating a Twitter and Instagram account for the baby before he was even born.

But now, in newly posted Instagram snaps, baby Gunner has taken a big growth spurt, and he looks SO like his dad.

A post shared by gunner stone (@gunnerpratt) on

Can you see it?

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A post shared by heidipratt (@heidipratt) on

The beautifully blonde baby definitely has Spencer’s eyes, and just look at that cheeky little grin.

The new parents look like they’re doing a great job, and regularly post updates on Gunner.