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26th Jan 2017

Students Almost Die After Ingesting The Caffeine Equivalent Of 300 Cups Of Coffee

Amanda Cassidy

It was an experiment that went horribly, horribly wrong.

Two students at Northumbria University were left fighting for their lives after the botched sports science trial.

Alex Rossetto and Luke Parkin were rushed to hospital after taking part in the test measuring the effects of caffeine on exercise.

The calculations about the dosage were done on a smartphone and an error in the decimal point meant they were given 100 times the correct amount.

The Telegraph reports that Newcastle Crown court heard that the pair should have been 0.3g of caffeine in the orange juice mix, but were given 30g instead.

(Image via health and safety executive) 

It is worth knowing that 0.1g is in the average cup of coffee.

Both men were treated in intensive care and on dialysis and have reported lasting effects including memory and weight loss (and we’re guessing some serious insomnia)

The judge presiding over the case said the students most likely only survived because they were fit young men.

The university was fined £400,000 for the incident which happened in 2015.