Reports say Jay-Z and Beyonce have named their twins 5 years ago

Reports say Jay-Z and Beyonce have named their twins

It's fair to say that Beyoncé's pregnancy has dominated celebrity headlines in recent times and at the weekend, it was announced that she welcomed twins.

Of course, the Beyhive was delighted to hear that the twins had arrived but people were also eager to know the gender of the babies and their names.

According to reports today, Beyoncé and Jay-Z have welcomed a boy and a girl, named Shawn and Bea.

Now bear in mind that there isn't any official confirmation as of yet but if it is true, the couple decided to opt for traditional names, rather than outlandish monikers, which is actually rather refreshing.

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Little Shawn is named after his father, Jay-Z, and Bea, which is often used as a nickname for Beatrice, is a nod to her mum.


If you were hoping for crazy names altogether, you might be disappointed but it's nice they're keeping it real.

Originally reported by Media Takeout, the baby name news has been picked up by a number of American news outlets although again, there's no official word from the celebrity couple themselves.

A source reportedly told the website:

"They had twins, the boy’s name is Shawn after his dad, and the girl’s name is Bea – after their parents".