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18th Oct 2023

Teachers use Beyoncé’s ‘Mute Challenge’ to silence their classrooms

Anna Martin


How do you get your children to quiet down?

Probably not by using Beyoncé but that’s exactly what some teachers have been doing and it seems to have taken off.

Some teachers have gone viral on TikTok and Instagram thanks to their unique way of regaining control of their rambunctious classrooms with a little help from Queen B.

The Mute Challenge was inspired by Beyconcé’s concerts when she performs her song Energy as the crowd competes to be the quietest of all the cities the singer visits.

When she belts out the lyric, “Look around, everybody on mute,” everybody from her dancers to the audience goes silent, freezing like statues for a few moments before going wild again.

One teacher, Amber Drummond, in Atlanta, Georgia, decided to take this challenge and see if could she apply it to her classroom as a type of call and response to get her student’s attention.

She decided to record when she tried it out with her class and the results are amazing.

In the video, her noisy classroom falls silent when she calls out the words “Look around, everybody on mute,” showing just how effective it was.

Teachers who saw the clip couldn’t get over how the children responded and decided they would implement it in their own classrooms.

“I’m trying this tomorrow,” commented one, while another added: “Oh girl I need to translate this into French for my class!”

Other educators hopped on the trend posting their own videos to their TikTok accounts, further proving why Beyoncé is known as Queen B.

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Though this might be unconventional, if it helps get the attention of a classroom of chatty young children we’re not judging!