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11th Mar 2022

Tesco introduces new rule for buying Easter eggs

Kat O'Connor

What do you think of the new rule?

Have we been stocking up on Easter eggs since February?


We do not want to deal with the tantrum that will ensue if we don’t have the Malteser Easter Egg in the kitchen on Easter morning, trust us, it isn’t pretty.

However, if like us, you were planning on stocking up on Easter eggs then your plans may not go according to plan.

Tesco Easter eggs

Tesco Ireland has introduced a limit on Easter eggs.

The new rule has caused quite a stir with many parents believing it is completely unfair.

The supermarket is hoping to stop customers from bulk buying eggs from their 3 for €3 deal.

In a bid to prevent this, they have limited customers to 15 eggs per transaction.

One person asked, “How many were people buying for this rule to be implemented? But also, so much cardboard and plastic for so little chocolate.”

Another said, “It’s like the toilet paper all over again.”

“Now I know why the supermarkets run out of Easter eggs so early these days….some people are buying more than 15 at a time?” another said.

Another person shared, “When I worked in a supermarket back in college people would put in full trolleys to the brim, no exaggeration. Easily 50 eggs.”

One joked, “Thinking of the grannies that are inconvenienced…”

Another suggested, “Supermarkets do this when there’s a deal on to prevent people stockpiling and selling them for a profit.”

What do you think of the rule?