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14th Apr 2022

This shop is offering free Communion dresses to families who are struggling financially

Kat O'Connor

Celebrating your Communion and Confirmation is pretty special to a lot of kids.

However, it is now more expensive than ever before which can leave parents feeling extremely stressed. The financial strain that comes with these events is intense. Some parents are spending as much as €1000 for their child’s special day.

They splash out on everything from the perfect dress to the finest shoes and even a venue for the celebration.

But what about the families that can’t afford it?

Ones who are struggling with rent, bills, and putting food on the table. They deserve to have a special day just as much as anyone else, and luckily someone is helping make that happen.

Theresa Kelly from Edenmore is offering Communion dresses and Confirmation clothes to struggling families for free.

She owns the Special Occasions store in Dublin and wants to help support those suffering financially.

Theresa told DublinLive about the inspiration behind the act of kindness.

“We will continue to look after people and families who need dresses.

“All of the dresses are free. All we want to do is give you and your family a good day. Say yes to the dress and goodbye to the stress.”

Theresa’s store is closed at the moment, but she is still accepting donations.

She said all she wants to do is ensure these children have a special and memorable day.

“Our aim is to get Communion and Confirmation Outfits to families who aren’t in a position to purchase them. Over a hundred communion dresses, suits and accessories are available free of charge to reduce the pressure on families and the shop has been beautifully set up to ensure children have the full shopping experience.”

“Nearly all items are brand new and all others have been dry cleaned and are in excellent condition.”

You can view the stunning dresses and learn more about Special Occasions here.