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02nd Feb 2024

Adorable new trend sees grandkids surprise grandparents with sleepovers

Anna Martin

Adorable new trend sees grandkids surprise grandparents with sleepovers

Grandkids are surprising their grandparents with the most wholesome new trend

While the internet and social media can feel like a wormhole of bad news, sometimes it can remind us that there is still good in the world.

That’s exactly what this new TikTok trend is doing and be warned; you might want to grab the tissues now.

Grandkids, young and old, are surprising their grandparents by rocking up to their homes dressed in pjs ready for sleepovers.

@hah_tor we had the best time šŸ„² #fyp #sleepover #christmas #grandparents #cousins ā™¬ New Home – Frozen Silence

Wayne and Karen Gamble from Ohio were one of those surprised grandparents when their seven grandkids, who travelled from all across the United States, showed up with blankets, pillows and food for an overnight visit. 

“I was so confused and so blessed that these seven kids thought so much of us that they wanted to spend another sleepover with us after so many years of doing the same thing with them,” Karen told NBC News. 

Tori Hahlen, one of the grandchildren who flew out from South Carolina, said their grandparents were “so deserving of our time in every way.”

“They really just spoiled us and made us feel so loved,” Tori said. 

When she posted the video to her TikTok account it received over 8.5 million likes.

The caption she wrote read: “This is your sign to surprise your grandparents with a sleepover with all your adult cousins.”

It seemed to serve as inspiration for so many other families as the trend took off across the video-sharing platform.

@nurseb662 Surprised their Nana with a sleep over. They havent done this since they were little šŸ˜©ā¤ļø#grandparents #christmas2023šŸŽ„šŸŽ ā™¬ These Memories – Hollow Coves

Pam Fair is another grandparent who was surprised when her three grandchildren showed up at her door for a surprise sleepover.

“My daughter Brandi had mentioned that my grandkids wanted to come by that night but (they didn’t) so I washed my makeup off and put on my pyjamas,” Pam told

“Then the doorbell rang.”

In walked her three grownup grandchildren Madelyn, 23, Sydney, 21, and Jakob, 23 and their partners walked in to have a sleepover.

Pam, who has been lonely since the death of her husband Larry in May 2012, was thrilled with the surprise.