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21st Jul 2023

Mums go on 12-hour trip to Ibiza for £34 and return home in time for school run

Kat O'Connor

By Steve Hopkins

A group of mums travelled to Ibiza for a 12-hour-long holiday after bagging return flights for just £34.

Rebecca Rattcliff, 38, decided she needed a day in the sun with her group of mum chums – Laura, Danielle, Danielle, Lauren, and Fay.

Due to childcare commitments and working on Monday, the six women had just one day free together and had to fly to and from Ibiza in just 12 hours.

They flew out of Manchester Airport just after 6 am and returned from Ibiza Airport at 11 pm on the same day – making it back in time for the Monday morning school run.

The six friends had the ultimate “Sunday Funday” filled with sunbathing, cocktails, and good food.

The group booked the flights in February and flew out on Sunday, March 26th. Going on a day trip also saved the group from splashing out on baggage allowance as they only had to bring a handbag each.

They paid £10 each for a return minibus to Manchester Airport.

The mums were picked up by Ibiza by a transfer company – paying £23 each to travel around the island.

They started with brunch at Passion Cafe in Ibiza Town and then went to San Antonio bay to explore.

The group sunbathed on the beach using biodegradable towels that roll up into your handbag and expand when wet.

The ladies then watched the sunset at Café Mambo and were picked up to go back to the airport.

The mums arrived back in Manchester in the early hours of Monday morning – ready for work and the school run.