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22nd Aug 2022

Neighbour threatens to report kids for making noise at 7 am

Kat O'Connor

They were playing outside before 7 am.

A neighbour has threatened to report the children who live next door because they make too much noise in the morning.

Yes, really.

Writing in the ‘Spotted: Quedgeley, Kingsway, Hardwicke’ Facebook group, the neighbor said the children make noise from 6. 45 am.

“Does anyone else have neighbours that let their twin toddlers out from between 6.45 am-8 am every single morning?

The neighbor, who has grown children herself, said it is incredibly unfair to let the children out because there are people living in the area that are working night shifts.

“I completely appreciate it’s the summer holidays (been there, done that) but there are neighbours who work shift patterns.

“Yes, I’ve tried knocking on their door but had no answer,” they admitted.

“I wouldn’t be so bad if it was every now & then or even after 9 am but before 8 am every morning is getting silly now.”

“I will be knocking on their door again at some point today and if still no luck, I’ll be calling the council,” the woman threatened.

Do you think the neighbour is being dramatic?

Or do they have a point?

Many parents said the mum is likely letting them play in the garden before it gets too warm.

Others said they’re allowed to do as they please in their own garden.

“Wow children playing in their own garden before it gets too hot. What a terrible thing for a parent to do! What a ridiculous post. Glad you’re not my neighbour.”

Another added, “I’d prefer to hear kids playing in their own garden than cooped up playing video games or a dog continuously barking.