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24th Jun 2022

Ryan Tubridy has moving reunion with Toy Show star Saoirse Ruane

Ellen Fitzpatrick

What a day for her.

Ryan Tubridy has been reunited with Toy Show favourite Saoirse Ruane this week with, making the little girl happier than ever.

Heading to the Ruane family home in Galway, the RTE presenter said “a promise is a promise” as he spent the day with her family.

Ryan took a visit to Saoirse and her friends at school before heading to her home with a warm embrace from her younger sister Farrah.

Ryan played with the children on the trampoline and ate cake with them during the “heartwarming” reunion.

Ryan shared a snap of the amazing day on Instagram, thanking the family for inviting him to their home.

He wrote: “A wonderful day with a beautiful family. Thanks so much to the Ruanes for welcoming me into their home and community.

“We laughed, ate cake, jumped on the trampoline and talked about taking life one step at a time. Saoirse never fails to impress, I’m lucky to have her as my friend.”

Saoirse’s mum Roseanna also took to the social media platform, thanking him for keeping his promise and praising him for his positive presence.

She wrote: “‘A promise is a promise’…. He said And we couldn’t be happier he kept this one.

“It was such a gorgeous morning meeting @instatubridy at Saoírse’s school and seeing him go round each classroom and have a word for everybody. The time he gave them all was so heartwarming! The excitement was huge and their little faces were just adorable.

“It was an extra special birthday for Dadda Ollie as Ryan then joined us for some birthday cake and tea.

“And sure it would have been rude not to try out the girl’s new trampoline.”