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28th Mar 2024

Saoírse Ruane’s mum shares update following her daughter’s passing

Kat O'Connor

Saoírse Ruane

Saoírse Ruane sadly passed away this month

The passing of beloved Toy Show star, Saoírse Ruane, completely broke the hearts of the nation. The young girl quickly became a national treasure after her appearance on the Toy Show and losing her is something the entire country felt.

Saoírse’s mum recently opened up about the harrowing loss and said she hopes to honour her daughter on social media.

Her mum explained that there is no right time to come back and she still doesn’t feel ready to share too much but she wants to use her platform to honour her beloved little girl.

Writing on Instagram, Roseanna said: “Remembering Saoírse. There’s no written rules about how long one should stay absent from the world of social media when they experience the loss of a loved one. I know there’s no expectation whatsoever, and I’m by no means ready to come on stories and have the chats or talk about anything else right now and I feel I won’t be able too for some time.”

“Part of me that wants to give a little nod to Saoírse, especially on the anniversary of her passing each week!” she shared.

Her mum said as parents they’re “completely broken” and “as a mother I’m completely lost!”

Amidst the grief and heartache, her mum has promised to keep Saoírse’s memory alive.

“But what I do know is, I will keep Saoírse’s memory alive as long as I’m alive! So every Tuesday, I’ll share a picture in remembrance of our gorgeous girl so everyone else will remember her too.”

We’re keeping Roseanna in our thoughts during this harrowing time.



Saoirse Ruane