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27th Oct 2023

‘Is my son’s Halloween costume inappropriate for a six-year-old?’

Kat O'Connor

Finding a Halloween costume for your child is never easy

Halloween is just around the corner and the streets are set to be filled with mini witches, ghosts, and unicorns. The spookiest time of year is a thrill for children, but it can be quite a nightmare for parents.

One mum has found herself in a dilemma and is unsure if her son’s Halloween costume is appropriate or not.

She explained that her six-year-old son is obsessed with Halloween and wants his costume to be extra creepy this year.

She told Reddit: “He desperately wants to be as scary as possible in his costume, and to him, that means swords, masks, “bloody things” and ripped-up clothing.”

The boy’s school doesn’t let children dress up in masks or bring in pretend weapons so his mum has ruled that out. However, she is unsure if his costume is suitable for trick-or-treating.

“He’s happily going as Pikachu to school because we compromised he could be something creepy while trick or treating.”

The boy chose a one-eyed zombie mask and a sword with fake blood on it. The mum said he also wants to wear all-black clothes with the mask.

She asked fellow parents, “Is this an inappropriate costume just for trick or treating for a 6-year-old?

“Will everyone think we’re terrible parents for allowing this?”

Many parents reassured her and agreed that dressing up as a zombie is perfectly fine, especially if her son loves Halloween. It’ll make him happy and there will likely be lots of other children in similar costumes too.

One mum said, “I see kids with costumes like that in our neighborhood all the time. I agree that it’s not okay for school, but it’s fine for trick-or-treating.”

“If it was inappropriate they probably wouldn’t sell it in his size,” another pointed out.