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01st Jun 2022

I refuse to pay for my daughter’s wedding because she’s a grown woman with a job

Kat O'Connor

A mum and dad are refusing to pay for their daughter’s wedding.

As per tradition, the bride’s family often pays for the celebration, but is it time to bid farewell to this tradition?

Her parents believe so.

They explained that their daughter recently got engaged to her long-term boyfriend, but as happy as they are, the parents don’t want to pay for their big day.

They said it is unfair of her to expect them to splash out for her nuptials.

“Our daughter recently got engaged to her long-term boyfriend of 12 years. They’re both in their 30s, working, and have been living together for quite a few years.”

The mum explained, “My husband and I are both retired so no more money is coming in. We do still go on holidays, but don’t have anything like as much money as we used to have.

“We happily paid for private education and private healthcare and plenty more for all our children and were happy to do so but is it unreasonable to think that by now we’ve done our bit and our daughter should pay for her own wedding?”

Many people agreed that it isn’t the parents’ responsibility to pay for the wedding.

“I got married at 28, wouldn’t have dreamed of asking for a penny, let alone expecting it!” one shared.

Another suggested paying a contribution to their big day.

However, one said her parents paid for her big day and many still follow the tradition.

“I don’t plan on paying for weddings, I think it feels quite old-fashioned to do that. I would offer to give a donation, but the couple chooses how big/small they want their celebration to be, so should pay for that themselves.”

What do you think?