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07th Nov 2023

‘Am I wrong for cutting my daughter’s sleepover short?’

Anna Martin

Would you send your child’s friend home early from a sleepover?

This is what one woman wanted to know after she sent her daughter’s pals home after they disrupted a family get-together.

The mum invited friends and family over to the farm to enjoy a bonfire at a big Halloween party, allowing her child to ask two friends to stay the night.

“I told my kid to be particular about who she invites because I don’t want to deal with drama. She told me that she talked with her friends and they promised to behave,” she explained.

Things were going well, everything was set up and ready for the rest of the guests to arrive but things took a turn.


“My kids’ friend started complaining about the animals. She wanted into the pens. Yet I had a rule, reaching in was fine, but no guests allowed in the animal pens. She told me it wasn’t ‘fair,'” she continued.

“Then she was complaining about the decorations being creepy…we were at a Halloween party….

“Then she was complaining about the food. She claimed not to be able to eat anything as she was ‘too picky’ her words…

After grabbing some drinks the two kids ran off leaving her daughter alone so they spent 20 minutes looking for them.

During all this, the Redditor only got to spend 10 minutes with her own friends and enough was enough.


“I texted mamas and I took both friends home. The one little friend was throwing an absolute fit, because I was taking her home.

“She tried to convince me to let her stay the night. Nope! I told her “I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable with us, so I’m taking you home. Maybe another time.'”

Now the poster wants to know if she was wrong for sending both girls home.

She quickly got support from her fellow Redditors, reassuring her they would have done the same.

“The minute they ran from your daughter would have been when I would have sent them home, the food would have definitely been an issue because if either guest had food avoidance or food texture issues their parents should have told you,” penned one.


“This kid was looking for extra attention and it backfired. As it should have. Don’t feel bad if a kid can’t handle an event they should have been able to at that age.

“Some kids need a little extra help, which is usually fine. But you made a stipulation about who could come to the party and your kid even told her friends to be good,” another wrote.

A third commented, “I don’t know any kids that age that act like that. It’s rude. Some lessons in appreciation and manners is all she needs. I wouldn’t deal with the negativity and unappreciative attitude as well.”