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12th Jun 2018

Wife’s post about delivery man hiding packages from her husband goes viral

Olivia Hayes

We wish we ALL had this delivery man.

We all know the drill. We might have bought a new dress. Maybe a new top (that we have in five colours already), and we just know that our other halves will go a bit mental for spending money on clothes again – especially when our wardrobe is already overflowing.

When they ask ‘is that top new?’ we say, ‘this old thing?!’ and most of the time get away with.

However, this delivery man made life a little bit easier for this woman, as he hid her packages from her husband.

Best delivery man ever? We think so, yes.

The woman, Vanessa O’Shea, shared the post on Facebook, and it quickly went viral, racking up 211,000 shares and 50,000 comments.

In the post, Vanessa shared a picture of her doormat which reads ‘Please hide packages from husband’. She then shared a short clip, which sees the delivery man arrive at her door, look at the doormat and proceed to hide the package at the side of the house.

He’s a keeper, that one.