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26th Feb 2024

Parents urged not to take part in concerning TikTok challenge

Kat O'Connor

Have you spotted the bathroom cursing trend on TikTok?

Parents have been warned about a trending TikTok challenge that parents are trying.

Parents tell their children they can say any curse word in a safe space.

Before they leave the room, the parent tells them the bathroom is a safe space so they’re allowed to curse.

Many toddlers have been encouraged to take part in the challenge by their parents, but is it causing more harm than good?

The parents tell their child they can curse because the bathroom is a ‘safe space’ but experts are warning parents against the trend.

They believe it will encourage children to start cursing more often and will show them that it’s okay to curse sometimes.

Expert Tish Taylor told

“I would not recommend this strategy in any circumstance because it actually reinforces children using bad words.

“I think it is a contradiction to call it a ‘safe space’ and indicate that using bad words is something safe,” she said.

The challenge may seem funny, but some parents have been left in shock by the curse words their children are aware of.

Many children said extreme curse words in the challenge, but experts believe they’re hearing these words from adults.

Our children are bound to hear curse words, but encouraging them to say them is not a good move.

Tish Taylor stressed that this challenge is encouraging young children to curse. We’ll certainly be avoiding this one in the future.