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24th Jun 2015

‘You’re just unemployed.’ -Katie Hopkins slams stay-at-home Mums

Katie Mythen-Lynch

Professional rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins is at it again today, this time directing her wrath at breastfeeding women and stay-at-home mums. 

Writing in her column for Closer magazine, Katie lets loose on society princess Tamara Ecclestone, who hit the headlines this week for posting a breastfeeding selfie on Instagram.

All that swimming is thirsty work ?

A photo posted by Tamara Ecclestone Rutland (@tamaraecclestoneofficial) on

Katie says she loathes “all breastfeeders and the Mammary Mafia”.

“And I can’t stand this ‘full-time mummy’ thing – you’re just unemployed.” she continues.

And she’s not finished yet, oh no…

“Why do breastfeeders have to do it in coffee shops? You can smell the breast milk mixed in with your latte. And why do they post snaps online, like Tamara – what a donut.”

Oh Katie. Where’s your ‘off’ button?