10 acronyms every mum who reads parent forums needs to know 3 years ago

10 acronyms every mum who reads parent forums needs to know

Becoming a mum is difficult enough.

And to make things even harder, if you read parent forums, then you probably have come across plenty of acronyms or as I like to call them "mum talk".

Commonly used phrases are often shortened down on these forums between mums and medical professionals because they just presume we all know what they mean, when the reality is we are often searching "what does LO mean?" in a separate tab.

So to make life a little easier and same us the riddle-deciphering - we have pulled together the most common ones we found on the internet and have put them together in a little "handbook" for you.

Less stress for us all.

1. BF

Now this one is pretty common, it's not best friend like you may remember from your childhood but in fact to breast feed or breast feeding.

2. CS


Another common one on forms is Cesarean Section.

3. BB

"I remember a time BB" or "that used to happen to me often BB", simply BB means before baby. Watch how you'll now find yourself using this one quite often too.

4. AB

And with BB then comes AB. Yes this one is after baby.

5. FF

If you're not BF then your likely to use FF or at least see it around. It means formula feeding.


6. LO

Little one/little ones.

7. PPA

When reading studies or research you might often see PPA, it refers to postpartum anxiety.


This one confused me a lot. I tried to decipher it myself but eventually caved and looked it up. It is a stay at home mom.

9. WHO

World Health Organisation

10. SIDS

This one refers to sudden infant death syndrome. The third leading cause of infant mortality.