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01st Mar 2016

10 Tiny Firsts That Make it All Worthwhile When You’ve Got a Newborn

Sophie White

The days of newbornhood (that is the days of being parent to a newborn human that currently more closely resembles a lethargic, mini hairless cat than a new human) can be a lot of things; exhilarating, boring, confusing, scary, tedious, happy, delightful and strange.

Amid all the frantic reading of the baby book and the endless nappy-changes, not to mention wondering just what the hell is wrong after 20 minutes of relentless and seemingly unfocused crying (this can be you or the baby by the way) there can be moment when you find yourself questioning just what this parenthood game is all about? And is it even worth it?

This is a good time to make the most of the little milestones of the first few months of parenthood.

10 Tiny Things That Make it All Worthwhile When You’ve Got a Newborn:

1. When they’re first born… and you look into their eyes for the first time ever

There’s nothing to compare this moment to. It’s like looking into the eyes of a unicorn for the first time. It’s magical and beautiful and unbelievable.

2. When they first grab your finger with their tiny, little, perfect hand

The strength and determination in their powerful little grip is oddly reassuring. “Maybe he’s more robust that I realised.” I thought to myself, relieved as I already suspected I wasn’t going to be most accomplished parent in the world.

3. The first time they fall asleep on you

This is the moment you realise that you are their home in this world. The 80th time they fall asleep on you is when you realise that you might like them to give the old cot a go just ONCE.

4. The first time… YOU GET A WIND UP

For a while I thought the wind was kind of like a parenting myth. By day six I STILL hadn’t heard one. And then one day I was rotating his torso in that weird way they show you in the hospital and I heard it. I texted EVERYONE I could think of to tell them. Legend.

5. The first time you manage to leave the house with the baby

It’s just seriously hard to exit a house with baby in tow, and when it’s successfully accomplished, it’s like the planets have aligned.

6. The first time that you feel like you’ve got things under control

Cherish it, it lasts about 8 minutes until the baby shits itself and you have to cut it out of the babygro.

7. The first wind-smile

8. The first actual smile

9. The first time you put the baby down for the nap and WALK AWAY

That’s right, an infant nap without boobing it to sleep, bottling it to sleep, rocking it to sleep, driving it to sleep, pramming it to sleep. It’s the holy grail.

10. The first time you get away from your parasitic twin (the baby)

You love being with the baby but the first time you get out of the house on your own post-baby is still a lovely reminder that things have changed, but you’re still you. You do walk around in a bit of a daze at least at first at the sight of ordinary people just going about their business as if a seismic shift in the world has not just taken place. Eh, Hello, douchebags??? The world’s Best Baby Ever just got born!