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20th Apr 2015

A restaurant that banned “small screaming children” issues an apology

"I shouldn't have used the word screaming"

Sive O'Brien

A restaurant in Canada has issued an apology for banning “small screaming children”.

The Lobster Pound and Moore became the target of “hate and threats” after it posted the below message on Facebook, last week.


The post was removed just a day later, after the restaurant received comments from Facebook users, including disgruntled parents, criticising its new policy.

It triggered a discussion about parenting skills as well as culinary experience, with some commenters saying the restaurant lacked compassion and that adults were far more annoying in restaurants than children.

Responding to the backlash, the Nova Scotia restaurant owner posted a very lengthy apology that began, “First, my apologies for my previous post. I chose the wrong words to convey a message I didn’t want. I love kids and would have them if I could. I shouldn’t have used the word screaming but should have said something like ‘Lil diners having a moment.”

He went on to say that the restaurant “will take any belly that is hungry”. Not everyone who commented on the Facebook page disagreed with the ban, but the criticism clearly prompted the owner to reconsider his policy.


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