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22nd Jul 2015

CHATTERBOXES: These 3 tiny babies chatting to their parents are AMAZING

Sophie White

Babies generally say their first words somewhere between 11 and 14 months when their brains begin to associate sounds with objects and people. However, these little babas are undoubtedly going to be more articulate than some adults we know.

At just three months old THIS little baba is already telling his dad “I love you”. It’s just too sweet.

While Ireland’s tiniest, chattiest man, Luca was just seven weeks old when he said “Hello” in this cute video made by his parents, Kellie Conroy and Aaron Earls.

Luca isn’t the only seven-week-old with a lot to say, baby Cillian, was also eager to greet his mama in this adorable clip sent to us by mum, Toni McCann.

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