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08th Aug 2017

Coleen Rooney and pregnancy rumour: ‘The trolls are heavier than I am!’

Good woman!

Gillian Fitzpatrick

She’s already a fantastic mum to her three sons aged seven, four, and 18 months.

And recently a load of different folk online have been speculating – incorrectly! – that Coleen Rooney is expecting baba No.4.

The 31-year-old has already taken to Twitter to address the claims, saying matter-of-factly that she’s just “put on weight”.

Now Coleen – in conversation with Mail Online – has explained further how she doesn’t let comments about her body get her down.

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“It would hurt me if it came from someone that’s important to me like friends or family but the people who are criticising me are probably a lot heavier than I am so it doesn’t bother me anymore,” she said.

“There’s probably someone who is 20 stone who is judging me online so I just ignore it.

“I don’t understand why someone would make negative comments criticising someone’s body. It used to annoy me when I was younger but I learned to just ignore it. It’s not worth it.”

Last month on Twitter, Ms Rooney gave a pretty kick-ass response when she decided she was sick of people saying she was pregnant.

Citing the “great food” she enjoyed while in Portugal she stated light-heartedly: “yes, I’ve put on weight!”

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Here at HerFamily, most mums juggling three kids (and Coleen famously doesn’t have a nanny) would say that their weight goes up and down from time-to-time – especially if you’ve been on holidays.

And certainly, Ms Rooney rarely looks anything less than seriously fabulous.