Crafty mum reveals how she created fun sensory game using bags of €1.20 rice 2 years ago

Crafty mum reveals how she created fun sensory game using bags of €1.20 rice

Reached the "I'm booooored" part of this lockdown yet?

We feel you, mama – we are there too.

However, having some easy activities on hand to keep those little monkeys busy and un-bored is always a God-send.

Which is why we are loving this easy sensory play game one mum created – using nothing but a bag of rice, some food colouring and a splash of vinegar.

The woman shared a snap of her handiwork on Facebook group Extreme Couponing & Bargains UK, run by money-saving expert Holly Smith.

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The crafty mum explain her method for dyeing the rice, writing: "Bag of uncooked rice from Aldi, food colouring in the cupboard into a tablespoon of vinegar.

"Pop in a ziplock bag and shake to spread the colour.

"Then pop on a tray to air for an hour or so and the vinegar smell will go.


Other members of the group were clearly impressed with the results - within a couple of hours, the post had racked up 1.1k likes and over 500 comments.

Like the sound of this simple sensory play hack? We did some digging around the internet, and also came across this clever mum's way of doing it – using paint instead of food colouring, which made the rice far more colourful.

According to her blog, The Imagination Tree, this method creates the most vibrant and amazingly coloured rice that will last for years when stored correctly, and all you need to create this yourself is:

Dry rice

Ready-mix paints

Zip loc bags


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