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26th Oct 2015

The Daddy-daughter hair classes that are melting our hearts

Sive O'Brien

US-based single Dad Philippe Morgese is one seriously dedicated father – his favourite bonding time with his daughter Emma is over hair styling sessions. 

So, he decided to spread the love and all his accrued (and seriously creative!) hair styling knowledge and launch an academy to teach other Dads how to get their heads around styling their kids’ hair.

He’s been styling his little girl’s hair since she was one-years-old, never wanting her to miss out, so he spent time and effort learning the methods for proper braids and fishtails from Youtube videos. It helped him whip up some seriously nifty-looking hair creations, he’s quite the dab hand now. All together now, ‘Aaaah.’

Documented by photographer and friend Heather Nathalie, his classes run for other single dads who need to tackle this sometimes daunting task with their little girls.


He runs the classes for free – his goal was never to profit, but to inspire others to have a better relationship with their kids.

His Facebook page has over 10,000 followers and it is just too cute. He’s seriously giving me a run for my money in the hair styling stakes.


I think we probably know a few Dads around here that could do with signing up to one of this classes….


Got any Daddy-cool hair-styling tricks to show us? Send in some pics!