Data reveals exact date you should invest in your child’s winter coat by 1 week ago

Data reveals exact date you should invest in your child’s winter coat by

Winter is coming.

The colder months are fast approaching and you may find yourself wondering when the best time to invest in a winter coat for you and your kids is.

We don't blame you if you've gone back and forth on this one; one minute the sun is splitting the stones, the next the earth is shaking with gale-force winds and rain.

Well, apparently there is an exact date for when you should get your child's good winter coat purchased, and the good news is that you still have time.

Children's brand La Coqueta looked at the average daily temperature over the last five years in the UK, and this has revealed the date you should make sure to have invested in a quality winter coat for your child is November 16th.

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According to the founder and creative director of La Coqueta, Celia Muñoz, this is the date from which, on average, temperatures dropped below 10 °C for at least 30 days.

Muñoz says as adults, we can withstand cooler temperatures better than children, so we may not be aware when they need to wrap up.


"10 C might seem like ‘jumper and a light jacket’ weather, but for our little ones, it feels far colder, so preparing their winter wardrobes ahead of time is a priority."

Research into this was prompted because, as we all know, the weather is full of twists and turns nowadays, and it's important to be prepared rather than caught off guard on a frosty November morning without the right clothing for your children.

When it comes to the right fabrics, Muñoz suggests wool, as it is great for locking heat in while keeping the cold out, and therefore a cosy and comfortable option for winter. Though a little more expensive, the quality is more likely to last than its synthetically made counterpart.

It probably goes without saying, but don't forget the hat, gloves, and scarf!


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