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29th Jun 2017

‘Don’t judge me’: Blogger calls for an end to mum-shaming

Laura Mazza's post clearly struck a chord with other parents.

Anna O'Rourke

“Before you criticise, accuse or abuse, you have to walk a mile in her shoes.”

One thing is certain when you become a mum – everyone will have something to say.

From friends and colleagues to family members and even strangers, people will be very willing to share their thoughts and opinions with you on how parents should behave and how kids should be raised, whether you like it or not.

One woman who’s had enough of being judged by others over her parenting has taken to Facebook to urge people to be more understanding of parents.

Laura Mazza, who blogs at Mum On The Run,  shone a light on the pressure that mums face and how unfair it is t0 judge someone you don’t know.

“If I complain about my children, don’t say I don’t love them.
If I say how perfect they are, don’t tell me I’m too braggy. You don’t see the hours I spend holding and loving them.

“Don’t judge the mother who is formula feeding. Don’t call her lazy. You don’t know if she struggled for months on end trying to make it work. You didn’t see her go to lactation consultants, eat lactation cookies. Spend money on lip ties and a paediatrician. You didn’t see her journey.

“Don’t judge the mother who breastfeeds in public. You don’t know if today was the day she finally got the confidence to do it. You don’t know how hard she’s worked to keep that breastfeeding going. Don’t belittle the act of a mother feeding her baby.

“Don’t judge the mum who works, she’s making a living for her child.
Don’t judge the mum who stays home, she’s doing the job of 20 for no pay.

She concluded the post by imploring people to take some time for mums rather than judge them and their parenting.

Every mother has her own story. She has walked down a tough path. You don’t know her challenges, her strengths, her weaknesses…Her life, you don’t know any of it. She judges herself every day, she strives for the best every day, so rather than judging, lend a smile to her, cut up her food when she breastfeeds, warm up the kettle for her formula, reassure her in her struggles and praise her victories.. and remember before you criticise, accuse or abuse, you have to walk a mile in her shoes.
The post has been shared thousands of times, clearly striking a chord with the parents who commented.
“So beautifully written.
“So true. Great post!
“Amen to that!
“Hardest job in the world ever!”