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17th Jun 2017

FAI launches initiative for autistic children at matches

It's a move to make soccer matches more inclusive for all fans.

Anna O'Rourke

Parents of children on the autism spectrum will know how difficult everyday situations can be for people with the condition.

Large crowds and loud noises can make family days out harder to plan, which is why the FAI’s new initiative for children with autism is so welcome.

It’s announced that it has teamed up with the Irish Society for Autism to develop a new ‘match day checklist’.

FAI match day checklist for children with autism

The aim is allow to help young fans who find sporting events overwhelming to feel more at ease by giving them structured routine to follow.

“Kids with autism tend to like following routines, so this checklist gives them the opportunity to catalogue every bit of their experience from when they arrive in the Aviva Stadium until when they depart,” said the FAI in a statement.

The association is also planning to open a corporate box at the Aviva for some future matches to cater to families with autistic children.

“Over the coming months we plan on rolling out more inititatives to help make the match day experience for kids with autism as safe and enjoyable as possible.”