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29th Sep 2017

5 fun family activities you have to try this autumn


Brought to you by the Dublin Simon Community.

Are you looking for fun activities to do with the kids?

Just because the summer is over – doesn’t mean that outdoor family fun is done and dusted for the year.

Autumn is truly where all the magic happens. Take advantage of the crisp weather and beautiful foliage with this list of fun activities that you and all the family can enjoy.

1. Visit a Pumpkin Farm

One of our favourite activities to do with the little ones is to visit a pumpkin farm and select our own pumpkin straight from the farm. Kennedy’s Pumpkin Patch in Julianstown, County Meath hosts a variety of fun activities for you and all the kids. Not only can you pick your favourite pumpkin from the patch but you can also enjoy pumpkin carving, hay jumping and a glass of warm cider! Your kids will be smiling right through to Monday.

Kids, pumpkins, that crisp autumn air and cider: what could be better?

2. Blackberry picking

Blackberry picking is another top autumn activity for you to do with the kids. There are so many places around Ireland where wild blackberries grow that you can go foraging almost anywhere. Once out in the fields you will thoroughly enjoy yourself and then you can have oodles of fun making home-made jam from your bags of berries.

Remember, blackberries are also a big hit with birds and insects so make sure to wash them well if you don’t fancy the extra protein!

3. Autumn nature walk

Go on a nature walk and enjoy all the colours that there are – jump in the leaves and bask…this is why we love autumn.

Only a stone’s throw from Dublin, the Boyne Valley is the perfect place for city-dwellers to take in the wonder of autumn unfolding.

Head to Townley Hall woods for the best mix of colours. The woods feature a pleasant walking trail with lovely views of the River Boyne which is seeped in so much history and natural beauty, you won’t want to leave.

4. Play a game of conkers

Kids love to play the games their parents played (even if they somehow manage to make us feel a million years old with their questions about ‘the olden days’). Conkers is a classic autumn game, and the best part? You can actually turn the picking of the chestnuts into an outing on it its own. Perfect for a Sunday morning stroll.

5. Family fun run

Looking for something active to do with the kids? Whether you’re walking or running, enjoy a fun family day out at the Dublin Simon Community Home Run in Phoenix Park on October 7th.

Get the whole family involved in this 5 mile run and help raise funds for homelessness.The run is suitable for all the family and this isn’t about Olympic level athletes charging about in record times, it’s about mams with prams, dads with toddlers, families running together and a fantastic fun mix of exercise, family fun and giving.

There’s no time or no pressure and the run is suitable for all the family. They’ll also have a tented village with live music, food stalls and plenty of entertainment for all the family. Lace up your runners, sign up below and see why a family fun run is a must-do activity this October.

Brought to you by the Dublin Simon Community.

Dublin Simon Community are asking people to hit the pavement and come together, not just for fun but for Homes! We want people of all ages to join the movement against the homeless epidemic in the Phoenix Park on 07 October. Register now at  and raise essential funds to provide homes for those who are being devastated by the crisis.