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Family dynamics

18th Mar 2020

Almost one week into isolation and I’m wondering if I can sell the kids on eBay

Melissa Carton

five words or less

Has it really been less than a week?

Last Thursday it was announced by Taoiseach Leo Varadkar that all schools and child care facilities were to close until at least March 29.

After the Taoiseach’s speech last night it became clear that the period of the for school closures would probably be a lot longer and now I’m wondering how much I could get for the kids on eBay.


I’ve worked from home plenty of times with the kids but this also included my eldest going to school and my toddler sometimes being cared for by a relative that lived nearby. Neither of those things can happen at the moment.

Instead it’s a constant parade of asking for snacks (at a time when I’m trying to avoid going to the shops), temper tantrums from my youngest and arguments about what goes on the telly.

Only yesterday I was on the phone to another mum I know and her first question when she answered my call was ‘are your two killing each other yet because mine are’.

Over the last few days we’ve tried all the recommended activities, baking, crafts, playing outside in the garden, reading books and watching our favourite movies.

Now I feel a little out of ideas and the two of them are getting cabin fever big time, leading to no one getting a minute’s peace.

It’s strange how quickly everything can be turned upside down just by a change to your normal routine but for us it really has.

I’m usually quite happy to self isolate but it becomes a very different story when you have to do it with two tiny people who are anything but happy about it and are letting me know it.

Now the only question is this. Should I try and sell them on eBay or should I go with Etsy because I made them myself?