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Family dynamics

11th Aug 2017

The Beckhams took over our favourite sitcom and we can’t deal

They were visiting the set for the day.

Jade Hayden


This is gas.

The Beckhams are taking a long deserved break in California at the moment.

And what better way to spend your time off than hanging out on the set of one of the US’s biggest and most loved sitcoms, Modern Family.

That’s right, the Beckham’s took over from the Dunphy’s for a few hours yesterday, assuming the roles of Claire, Phil, and their three kids.

Except they’ve got four kids… but a little bit of inaccuracy never hurt anyone.

According to an Instagram post shared by Modern Family star Jesse Tyler, the family visited the set for the day just to hang out – not shoot an episode, unfortunately.

Though Jesse is adamant that David could step in to play Lily’s new soccer coach. And we’re inclined to agree.

In the post, Jesse said that the cast loved having the family on set, and he thanked them for showing up.

The photo shows children Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo, and Harper all seated on or around the Dunphy’s family sofa.

Parents David and Victoria are in the background with Jesse, who plays Mitchell on the show, playing the character of Victoria Beckham.

According to his caption, David and Victoria are playing Phil and Claire.

Sounds good to us.

Victoria also shared a similar photo on her own Instagram page and wrote: “Dunphys are out, the Beckhams moved in. The new modern family! #Mitchstolemypose. X VB.”

The Beckhams have been on holidays in California for the past while.

Previously, dad David embarked on a motorcycle tour across the States. He was pictured signing a fan’s bum along his journey.