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Family dynamics

07th Aug 2019

Brandon Jenner announces he’s having twins with his new girlfriend

Olivia Hayes

Congrats to Brandon Jenner – he’s expecting twins.

Brandon Jenner has announced that he and his new girlfriend, Cayley Stoker, are having twins. Caitlyn Jenner’s son broke the news to PEOPLE, saying that he is delighted to be a dad to two more babies.

“We are at 12 weeks now, so near the end of the first trimester,” he said. “We’re madly in love and we are very excited about this!”

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Brandon broke up with his ex-wife, Leah James, in September 2018. They finalised their divorce only a few weeks ago and share a 4-year-old daughter together, Eva James.

Brandon said that when they were announcing the news to Eva, they did so as a family.

“We told her together. Leah, Cayley and I sat down with her and told her what was happening, and she was very excited and happy. She’s super excited to be a big sister,” he told the website.

Speaking about his divorce, he said: “It was a process, and it took some time to finalize. And now that Leah and I have moved on, I am starting a family with Cayley, and I’m so happy about it.”

Brandon and Leah were together for 14 years and got married in May 2012.