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Family dynamics

28th Jul 2019

Buckingham Palace issue statement about a ‘list of rules’ sent by Meghan and Harry

Olivia Hayes

Apparently, a list was given to neighbours.

Buckingham Palace has had to deny that Harry and Meghan sent out a list of rules to residents on the Windsor estate.

The rules centred around how their neighbours should act if they come into contact with the royals. The list was given out at a residents meeting and included that if you were to pass the couple, you do not start a conversation with them. You can also only say ‘good morning’ if they greet you first.

More rules included not asking how baby Archie is and not petting their dogs.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace said, “The Duke and Duchess had no knowledge of this briefing and no involvement in the concept or the content. This was a well-intentioned briefing to help a small local community know how to welcome two new residents and help them with any potential encounter.

“There was no handout or letter. The talk was undertaken by a local manager and was widely viewed as being well received.”

It is understood that Frogmore House lies on the Windsor estate which is also home to palace staff and officials.