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Family dynamics

02nd Oct 2017

Having children helped Tom Fletcher deal with his depression

Wife Giovanna has spoken out.

Jade Hayden

tom fletcher

Giovanna Fletcher has said that having children helped husband Tom deal with his depression.

The mum-of-two said that her Mcfly star husband was “very different” five years ago before the birth of their first child.

She told Mirror Online that their children, Buzz and Buddy, had changed the couple for the better.

“Tom now is very different to Tom five years ago.

“It is about having someone else to think about and care for and putting them first.”

However, Giovanna still recognises that Tom is lucky to have been able to overcome that dark period in his life as many people do not get the chance.

“There a lot of people who have depression and it doesn’t help them. He’s very lucky like that. He’s in a very good place.”

“It’s amazing seeing him with the boys, he’s very playful. He teaches me how to do stuff. I think I always knew that I would be the strict one and Tom would be the playful one.”

Giovanna gave birth to her first son, Buzz, in 2014.

The couple welcomed baby Buddy to the world last year.

Giovanna also admitted that she’s hoping the couple will have another baby in future.

“Never say never,” she said.