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Family dynamics

24th May 2018

Dean Gaffney’s throwback of his twin daughters is so adorable

Jade Hayden

dean gaffney

Ah, stop.

If you don’t know who Dean Gaffney is, you might want to take a long hard look at yourself.

He is only one of the most prolific and iconic EastEnders characters to ever roam this beautiful earth.

During his time on the London-based soap, Dean played the stunning Robbie Jackson and was involved in shocking storylines such as being cheated on by Kerry, moving to Mumbai, and being tested for the BRCA2 gene.


Anyway, Gaffney hasn’t really been on our radar as of late mainly due to the fact that he hasn’t been on TV much.

However, he recently shared a throwback photo of his twin daughters and it is absolutely adorable.

This is it.

Dean and ex Sarah Burge welcomed their daughters, Chloe and Charlotte, 21 years ago.

The pair eventually split after Dean was caught holding hands with a 24-year-old dancer named Maddie Stephens.

The dad is now dating 24-year-old Rebekah Ward.

In his Instagram post, Dean wrote that he is “incredibly proud” of Chloe and Charlotte.

He also appeared to joke that he would like to see them before 2019.