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13th Sep 2017

This is what Walt Disney World looks like after Hurricane Irma

It's the park like you've never seen it before.

Keeley Ryan

Walt Disney World guests have been sharing photos of the damage Hurricane Irma did to the Florida resorts.

The Orlando theme and water parks closed its doors early on Saturday, and remained shuttered for two days before reopening on Tuesday morning.

A Disney spokesperson said in a statement that the water parks will remain closed until later this week.

Some guests who braved the storm at Disney World resorts have been sharing updates, including photos of cast members who kept them entertained with character visits, board games and dance parties.

The behind the scenes look shows park employees getting ready for guests in the lead up to the storm – as well as some fan favourites like Donald Duck and Pluto lending a hand.

But recent social media updates from guests at the resorts are now showing damage done to the beloved park

It’s the sixth time Disney World has been forced to shut down in its 45 year history – but the second time in less than a year.

Disney was forced to close the gates in October 2016 when Hurricane Matthew landed.