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Family dynamics

06th Feb 2018

Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara shares ‘nostalgic’ pic of parents on her birthday

Jade Hayden


Ewan McGregor’s daughter Clara has shared a “nostalgic” picture of her parents to mark her 22nd birthday.

The model posted the photo on Monday evening that showed her as a baby being held by her parents, Ewan and producer Eve Mavrakis.

Clara captioned the photo: “Vingt-deux et nostalgique,” or “twenty-two and nostalgic.”

Ewan and Eve split late last year and recently filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

They had been married for 22 years.

It has been reported that Ewan began a relationship with fellow Fargo actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead in the latter part of last year.

The pair were seen kissing in a cafe in London in October, thus sparking initial rumours surrounding Ewan’s split from his wife.

Following the news of her parents’ divorce, Ewan’s younger daughter, Esther, shared a song that she had written which many believe reflects her feelings towards her dad’s actions.

The song, called Made You a Man, included the lines:

“Seeing those pictures,

“They’re making me cry.”

It also included a reference to “some dumb shit I found online.”

Eve later told The Sun that the divorce was “upsetting” and “disappointing” but that her main concern was for the welfare of her children.

Ewan and Eve have four children together –  22-year-old Clara, Jamyan, 16, and Esther, 15 and Anouk, 6.

Eve is seeking sole custody of the kids.