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25th Apr 2018

Fans can’t get over how ‘posh’ Harper Beckham sounds in adorable new video

Jade Hayden

harper beckham

Bless her.

Harper Beckham is six-years-old now.

We know, we know, it hardly seems like yesterday that Victoria Beckham announced her birth on the cover of OK! or Hello! or wherever it was that we first learned of her existence in the world.

While some may argue that Harper hasn’t been thrust so far into the limelight as her siblings have been (she is only six, after all), if mum Victoria’s latest Instagram post is anything to go by, that lack of thrust won’t last long.

Because fans are obsessed with the recent video Victoria shared of Harper.

And for good reason.

In the clip, Harper can be seen from behind reading from a copybook.

She’s got braids in her hair, a check dress on, and she sounds just adorable.

Harper reads: “Hi, I’m Harper. I’m six, almost seven and I love books and my family too. Which is Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn, mummy and daddy.”


It wasn’t just what Harper read from the book though, it was how she read it… or, most notably, how well-spoken and articulate she sounded.

Or, as others put it bluntly enough, “posh.”

“She’s got a lovely sound to her voice she’d make a brilliant animate [sic] person… Her voice is perfect,” said one user.

“I could listen to her voice all day. Beautiful reading and writing,” wrote another.

“I only want kids if they sound this posh…” mused one person who probably shoudn’t have kids if that’s the only reason.

Victoria’s video has already received over 2,00,000 views since it was shared earlier this morning.