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12th Dec 2018

Four money saving hacks to cut down on your weekly household budget


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Saving seems like the solution to many every day woes doesn’t it?

From family days out before Christmas, to birthdays around the corner, events like these can take its toll on your finances so it’s always good to have a little bit stashed away.

However the reality is that most of us mums can’t start saving for our little ones without making some adjustments to our everyday spending, and that can seem daunting at the best of times. The good news is that with a little planning, starting a savings habit isn’t as difficult as it seems.

Here are our four top hacks to help you to shave some money off your monthly spending, so you can get saving for those special days sooner than you think.

1. Shop online

How many of us think we’re doing great by going to budget supermarkets but then somehow manage to spend a FORTUNE on candles or in the DIY aisle? Yes, we can see all of the hands mamas! You might be saving on food, but chances are that you’re also spending quite a lot of money on stuff you don’t really need. Those special aisles are KILLING your bank account so try shopping online for a few weeks. You’ll have a lot less candles and, you know, chalk paint, but chances are you’ll have a hell of a lot more euros in your account come the end of the month.

2. Start writing meal plans

Meal plans might seem like a bit of a logistical nightmare but the thing is, that creating them is a great way to help you to save money. You’ll only be buying what you really need, so no more grotty cauliflowers in the back of the fridge that you don’t use. Creating a meal plan and sticking to it will mean you’ll feed the whole family for the week – you’ll buy less, waste less and have more money in your pocket. Trust us, it’ll work and it’ll feel good.

3. Lists, lists and more lists!

Sounds like an obvious one, but not nearly enough of us actually stick to the lists we write! Make a list based on what toiletries you need as well as the other costs you might have in the week, like swimming lessons say, and try to stay within the amount that you expect to spend on these items per week. You’ll be surprised at the difference it makes.

4. Agree on a weekly budget

Most of us won’t like this one, but succeeding at it can be the single biggest thing that can get us on the road to saving. Agree on what you NEED to spend in a week on non-negotiables – i.e. petrol/diesel, food, heating etc. Add in a contingency amount, but don’t get rid of essentials like your cappuccino (hey, a mum’s got to live) or a trip to the hairdressers every now and again. Be as structured and as realistic as you can be on your weekly budget and slowly but surely you’ll see a small amount left over that you can save.

It’s all about planning, creating a habit and sticking to it and with that coffee and a good list in your hand, you can do it mama!

Backed by AIB

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