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Family dynamics

25th Mar 2019

Harry Redknapp talking about Louise and Jamie will absolutely break your heart

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Ah no!

As most of us know, Jamie and Louise Redknapp split up in 2017, after ten years of marriage.

And in fairness to them, it has all been very civil, as they remain friends.

Jamie’s dad, Harry Redknapp, has opened up about the split in an interview.

Speaking to Express, Harry said:

“That was obviously a difficult time for us. You could never see it happening.”

harry redknapp

“We love Lou, so we were sad to see it happen.”

So were we, Hazza.

Harry went on, explaining that things are in a great place, and everyone still gets on so well.

“We see the kids still, the grandkids, and Sandra’s great friends with Louise’s mum,” he explained.

“What can you do? These things happen in life unfortunately.”

While talking about Jamie and Louise, Harry also opened up about his own marriage to Sandra.

harry redknapp

“I just fell in love with Sandra, to be truthful, and I’ve never fallen out of love with her. So I wouldn’t know, really.”

“She’s my life and has been since I met her when we were 17.”

Sorry but how cute is that?

“That’s how I am with her, I couldn’t say any different. I’ve been lucky, very lucky.”

Harry Redknapp and his lovely wife, Sandra, have been married for 52 years.

Now that’s love.