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Family dynamics

15th Dec 2017

This Irish dad did the most romantic thing on a trip to see Santa

His partner was so surprised!

Olivia Hayes

What a lovely surprise!

It’s always a great day bringing your little ones to see Santa.

The awe on their faces and absolute joy when they enter the Grotto is something none of us can forget, however, this dad made the day extra special.

While going to visit Santa in Arnotts yesterday, Barry proposed to his girlfriend Suzanne, along with their little boy in tow.

Barry posted a clip of his proposal on Facebook, saying: “Santa had a very special gift for a special lady today in Arnotts.

“She didn’t have a clue! Anyhow, she said Yes! Thanks to Claire and the staff in Arnotts for arranging and keeping this a secret.

“Thanks to Santa for playing a stormer and thanks to Cameron for lying on the floor for the whole thing!

He told 98FM: “I just decided to propose yesterday and wanted to get the big man in the red suit to witness it.”

“I also wanted our son to be part of the proposal.”

How sweet!