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07th Feb 2018

Jennifer Zamparelli shares first photo of newborn son, Enzo

Jade Hayden


Ah, bless.

Last month, Jennifer Zamparelli announced that she had given birth to a baby boy, Enzo.

The 2FM DJ took to Twitter to break the news that her second child had arrived and that she was “thrilled” with his arrival.

She said:

Jennifer had announced her pregnancy on Breakfast Republic by saying that she was “up the pole,” “up the duff,” and that she had decided to tell everyone because “I look fat, basically.”

At the time, she said:

“I went round and told everybody this because I look fat, basically.

“I’m up the pole. Bun in the oven. The stork is coming.

“I’m pregnant. I don’t know, how else can you say it? I’m up the duff.

“I’ve been rubbing off Lottie (Ryan) for the last week and a half thinking it would rub off on her, but it’s not.”

This evening, Jennifer shared her first photo of newborn Enzo and it’s only adorable.

Held by big sister, Florence Myra, the one-month-old looks to be sound asleep.


The likes of Amy Huberman and Louise McSharry also took to Instagram to share their congratulations to the DJ.

Jennifer and husband Lau have been married since 2014.