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Family dynamics

14th Jan 2020

Kate Wright reveals she wants to start growing her family with Rio Ferdinand

Olivia Hayes

The pair married last year.

Kate Wright has opened up about growing her family with Rio Ferdinand. Kate is already step mother to Rio’s three children – Lorenz, 13-years-old, Tate, 11-years-old and eight-year-old Tia – however she told Hello! Magazine that she would like to have more kids with Rio someday.

She told the publication that while she and Rio are still enjoying newlywed bliss, it is something she sees in the future.


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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Kate Ferdinand (@xkateferdinand) on

A post shared by Kate Ferdinand (@xkateferdinand) on

“At the moment, we’re just enjoying married life and I’m getting back to work and enjoying that. But if we can [have children], at some stage we definitely will.”

She added that she loves Rio’s family and all that matters is that they’re all happy and healthy.

“I’ve enjoyed juggling work with being a stepmum. I just want to be happy, fit and healthy.”

Lorenz, Tate and Tia’s mum died from cancer in 2015, and Kate is incredibly grateful that they have welcomed her into the family. She told the mag that being with them gave her a new “sense of purpose.”

“I figured out what was important and what wasn’t and it gave me a new outlook on life and a sense of purpose. They’ve been through so much and it made me realise what is important – and that is being happy.”

Kate and Rio married in October last year in a lavish ceremony in Turkey.