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Family dynamics

15th Feb 2018

Kristen Bell on what makes her marriage happy and healthy

Aw, so cute!

Olivia Hayes

Woman claims Dax Shepard cheated on wife Kristen Bell with her

What a lovely Instagram post.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been married for more than ten years now, and they’re still as loved up as the day they said ‘I do’.

While there have been hiccups along the way (what relationship doesn’t have them?), they’ve remained happy together and always have each other’s back.

So, when Kristen decided to jot down a few things about how to keep a marriage working, of course we listened.

Yesterday, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the actress took to Instagram to share a lovely post about what it means to have a healthy relationship.

She wrote: “I received a letter from a nice man who asked if I could write a note to his friends who are getting married. I wrote something congratulatory but then thought ‘Kristen! Wait! You are an old married woman, shouldn’t you have some wisdom to share?!’

“After I was finished I realized what I wrote is pretty much the A-Z of how @daxshepard and I keep our relationship healthy. It’s worked for us so far, So here ya go.”

She has some extremely great points in the post, starting off with: “Vulnerability always begets connection and intimacy. Stay vulnerable with each other.”

And, “In 10 years, when the dopamine has waned, remember: life is a crazy ride. It’s a privilege to go through it with a partner.”

Kristen finished her words of advice with, “Know that everyone is doing the best they can with what they’ve got. So get a bigger emotional toolbox to fix your problems.”