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Family dynamics

30th Sep 2020

For some Irish families, uncertainty and fear came long before the pandemic

Brought to you by Focus Ireland

For some families in Ireland, uncertainty and fear came long before the pandemic.

The coronavirus has uprooted us all in varying degrees. For some, life hasn’t changed all that much. Some have found they’ve become fitter and healthier thanks to a longer evening and no commute, while many have felt the pinch, missing the routine of life before and are fearful of uncertain times ahead.

“We’re all in this together.” We’ve said it since day one, keeping the spirits up. But what if the uncertainty and fear for tomorrow that so many of us might feel now was an everyday occurrence for someone else, for some other family, long before the pandemic ever hit?

We have faith life won’t remain upside down forever. The pandemic will end, eventually. But for some, it’s not so easy to keep the faith.


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Brought to you by Focus Ireland

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