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Family dynamics

03rd Apr 2018

Mum called ‘vile’ and a ‘snob’ for explaining why she doesn’t like her children

Jade Hayden

A mum has been called “vile” and a “snob” for explaining why she doesn’t like her children.

The anonymous mum shared a post in a forum thread about “not liking your child” saying that she doesn’t like her grownup daughters anymore because of the choices they made in later life.

On Mumsnet, she said that she sent her children to private schools so they could get good educations, but all they did was “… take up with boyfriends with bad histories.”

She wrote:

“They both had children before they were 20. They live in what are termed bad areas.

“I often ask myself why did I knock myself out trying to give them a decent start. I loved my children to the ends of the earth but they do not seem to care very much.”

Despite the nature of the thread, many were unsympathetic with the mum’s issue.

Some even went so far as to call her “vile” for how she was feeling.

“I can’t believe anyone would consider their children’s jobs and homes a factor in how much they like them!” wrote another person.

“Try being less of a snob and you could have a family. Not that I’d want you if you were my mother with that attitude!” said another.

The person who called the mum’s post “vile” did however have some advice for her.

They wrote: “What you said in your first post is vile. However if you really do care then the best advice I’d have would be to stop judging them and start showing them that you love them.”

And then some were more empathetic to the situation, applauding the mum for being honest.