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Family dynamics

25th Aug 2018

‘Vile’ mum slammed for admitting she hates her 11-year-old stepson

Keeley Ryan

A mum have been branded vile after admitting that she hates her 11-year-old stepson – so much that he makes her “flesh crawl.”

Her revelation was made after she turned to the internet for advice on how to “change her thinking” towards the boy.

She explained on Netmums (via The Sun) that she had known the man and his son for years, but she had only been in a relationship with her husband for 18 months – and they got married 10 months into the relationship.

According to her, things began to change soon after they said ‘I do’.

She explained:

“I’m really close with his family, having been on holiday with them etc for many years.

“I got on fine with my step son before we were together, and even when we first got married, but now I’m having real problems.”

She went on to say that while she doesn’t actually live with her stepson, she “hates” the weekends – as that’s when he goes to stay with them.

She also told how she had even raised her feelings with her husband, who simply told her to tell him off.

She continued:

“[The son] is always questioning everything, butting into conversations and generally being annoying.

“I really want to smack him, which I would never do, but it bothers me.”

The mum said that she has a 10-year-old child from a previous relationship – who her husband has been “like a father to” – as well as the couple sharing a three-month-old child.

She confessed that she knows her feelings are unfounded, since the boy is actually just a normal child.

She admitted:

“He’s not particularly untidy, he can be disrespectful at times, but I suppose that’s normal for any 11 year old.

“I’ve tried everything to bond with him, taking him out for the day, playing games with him, but I just don’t want to be around him any more.”

Since her husband works nights and sleeps on Sunday, she is left alone with the young boy every weekend – and has gone to some extreme lengths to avoid spending time with him.

She wrote:

“I find anything and everything to distance myself from him.

“I know that he’s not stupid and has probably picked up on the fact that I don’t like him, which leaves me feeling so ashamed of myself for feeling like this.

“I just don’t know where to go next. I can’t stand him hugging me or trying to sit next to me.

“He makes my flesh crawl. This is really hard to admit, but I hate him.

“I even took a job at weekends so I wouldn’t have to be at home.

“That job’s finished now, so I’m back at home at weekends, and I dread them.”

Commenters urged the mum to seek help, with many of them shocked at her level of hatred towards the schoolboy.

One poster said:

“If you can’t accept and love your partner’s child, then do yourself, your partner and above all the child a favour, and get out of the relationship.”

Someone else added:

“You are the problem and if you have children of your own, then clearly you hate him because he isn’t yours.”