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06th Sep 2018

Mums describe what would be on their bucket list before they had kids

Olivia Hayes

What would you have done if you had the chance?

While we absolutely love or children, sometime we can’t help but think back to child-free times.

A woman took to Mumsnet to ask mothers what would be on their pre-child bucket list if they could have had one.

And many mums replied:

Travel and time

“I am grateful that I travelled extensively pre-DC, because for a few years post-DC holidays don’t really feel like holidays, just like your normal life but hotter and a bit harder!

“But the main thing is spending time with DH. We married and had children within 3 years of meeting due to our ages. We are like ships in the night now and really miss each other. I wish we could have had more time together to just be a couple.”


“For me it’s gigs. Since I was a teenager (thirty now!) I’ve been a huge gig-goer, usually at least one per month but some months it can be 3-4, and most of them are around 200 miles away.”

Fancy food

“Going out for dinner in fancy places with cocktails/wine/pudding wine galore. Not caring how drunk you get. Hangovers are not even worth it after having kids.”

Appreciating your pre-baby bod

“Wearing a bikini. That’s probably my biggest regret tbh. I thought my body wasn’t up to scratch. It totally was.”


“Just spend as much time as possible just the pair of you, and make sure and spend plenty of time with your friends. Once you have kids it’ll be a long time before you’re just the two of you again for any sustained length of time, or you can just pop out for an after work drink or coffee on a whim with friends. Those wee spontaneous things are the things I get the pangs for every now and then.”