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Family dynamics

31st Oct 2018

Neil Patrick Harris’ family Halloween costume may just be their scariest one yet


Keeley Ryan


Every year, we start to think that Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their kids couldn’t possibly make their Halloween costumes better.

And every year, like clockwork, they prove us wrong – and 2018 is no exception, as the family have showed off their creepiest costume yet.

Neil Patrick Harris, David Burtka and their twins – Gideon and Grace – went as ghosts from the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney to mark the eerie occasion.

And, honestly, it’s spook-tacular.

He captioned the photo:

“Welcome, foolish mortals. We hope your Halloween is happily haunted, but heed this warning: beware of Hitchhiking Ghosts!”

The family are known for going all out when it comes to their Halloween outfits – and they always go in a group.

In 2017, they went as a Carnival of Curiosities with a creepy ringmaster, an eerie clown getup, a bearded lady and a strong man.

They went old school Hollywood for 2016, dressing up as Marilyn Monroe, Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin and James Dean.

Meanwhile in 2015, they went as some beloved Star Wars characters – including Obi-Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

Other years included the family dressing up as Batman characters, including The Riddler, The Joker and Batgirl, as well as Alice in Wonderland the year before that.