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30th Oct 2022

10 last-minute Halloween costumes for kids


last-minute kids Halloween costumes

If, like us, you’ve left the costume until the last minute then fear not. Here are some ideas for outfits you can literally throw together from stuff you have lying around the house:

Here’s our list of easy DIY last-minute costumes for kids.

1. Where’s Wally?

All you need is a striped top and a hat. Some fake glasses would work a charm too.

(Image via

2. Peter Pan’s Shadow

Black from head to toe. Note: This could also be a Kim Kardashian at The Met Ball.

(Image via

3. Yoga instructor

A pair of colourful leggings and a plain tank top and voila. If you really want to drive the look home, tie the hair in a topknot and add a yoga mat.

4. Easy DIY Mummy costume

Just tear up a sheet and you are good to go.

(Image via

5. Ghost

All you need is a sheet and a black marker.

(Image via

6. Audrey Hepburn

A black dress, tons of pretty pearls, and a pair of big shades, and she is good to go.

(Image via

7. Pirate costume

Stripy t-shirt, a headscarf, and some stubble drawn on with your eyeliner – perfect.

8. A robber 

A striped top, beanie, and some eyeliner, and you’re sorted.

Image via ArtsyCraftsyMom

8. Easy minion costume DIY

A yellow jumper, and some dungarees, and you’re almost there. You can always draw on the glasses with face paint if need be.

Image via OneCreativeHousewife

9. DIY Fox costume

This is super sweet! A brown or orange tracksuit, onesie, or PJs can easily be transformed into a foxy outfit with the addition of ears and a tail.

Image via Alice&Lois

10. Queen of Hearts costume

Get crafty with some cardboard and face paints for this one.

Image via The Chirping Moms