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Children's health

28th Oct 2023

Doctor issues warning to parents over popular but risky Halloween sweets

Kat O'Connor

A doctor is warning parents to be careful about what sweets their children eat this Halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner and the kids are more than ready to head out trick-or-treating.

It’s such an exciting time of year for them, but parents need to be more vigilant than ever, especially when it comes to the sweets they’ll be consuming over the October midterm.

As much as we love seeing them go trick-or-treating and tucking into their collection of Cadbury’s buttons and Haribos, there is a huge risk associated with Halloween.

Dr. Elizabeth Donner has urged parents to be wary of the sweets their children are eating this Halloween.

She has advised parents to opt for biscuits, cakes, and chocolate bars rather than smaller sweets like jellies.

She explained: “Choking hazards are incredibly common when you start to look at Halloween candies.”

“You basically want to avoid anything round, chewy, or gummy if your child is three or younger.

“Candies that fit these criteria are more likely to cause a choking incident in young kids and should be avoided entirely.”

She told BabyCenter that parents should monitor what sweets their children are eating.

She suggested going through their trick-or-treating bags to eliminate any risks.

As fun as Halloween can be, it is also a dangerous time of year so being careful is key for parents.

Dr. Donner also urged parents to educate themselves on what to do if their child starts choking.

Watch the video below on what to do if your child is choking: ‼️ What to do if your child (one-year-old and above) to a choking. ‼️ Siobhán Butler from First Aid For Everyone is here all week with important family #firstaid. #fyp #choking #childchoking ♬ original sound –